Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Age of Diana?

Incompatibility was Dana’s way of introducing her provocative talk on modern women and the age-old power of the penis, her chosen way of representing men through history. She charted a dynamic dominated by man the hunter and woman the prey from the cave to the current day. Modern times, with women having jobs and independence have upset that ancient balance and left men not knowing what to do and women high and dry. In this rather bleak view men and women are fundamentally different, conspiring only as long as they share an objective. The mainly female participants at this Pig & Pepper workshop were quick to add their views and experiences in a spirited discussion. The workshop included Pig & Pepper canapés and wine together with an analysis of participants’ drawings of the genitals of the other gender. The context for the discussion was definitely Romanian. The disruptive wolves of post industrial advertising were at the door with their high heeled fashion images that extenuate women’s sexuality rather than femininity turning women into hunters and men into headlight frozen rabbits. However, since we each contain male and female within ourselves, the more the men and women outside are incompatible, the greater our unease with our own identity. If there was a conclusion it was that the tender trap of this light-heartedly entertaining evening was generalisation rather than anything anatomical.



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