Sunday, 13 January 2013

The love of Soap

Archimedes got his big idea in the bath, Anamaria got hers in the shower. She says that is when she realised that the water was alive but the soap she was using was not, nothing in it had ever been alive. That moment of revelation started Anamaria on the road to becoming an artisan of boutique soap. She uses natural materials with the love and care of a Michelin starred chef to make her sublime soaps. They smell and look like pieces of art and feel as soft as your skin will when you use them. Soap making like this is closer to cookery or alchemy than chemistry. There is magic in Anamaria’s soaps if you are open to it. She was amazed to hear Hawaiian hula music when she was using the soap she made while that music was playing. Soap is personal, you use it on your body so it should be made with love, just like food. Judita, who hosted Anamaria’s evening with soaps in her painting workshop, likes lavender and had blue and white bars to admire. I bought a crescent shaped bar that smells of the cloves that are studded into it. Other soaps breathe the soft clean fragrances of their ingredients including lavender, rose and lemon. Anamaria’s soaps not only smell, look and feel special, some even contain surprises, Anamaria likes stones so she made herself a heart shaped soap decorated with small smooth pebbles. In other soaps she puts Himalayan salt which has the same texture as small stones You can learn more about these boutique soaps from Anamaria’s own blog 'Where the sky kisses the earth'  



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