Monday, 15 October 2012

Bangers are smash

Dana’s mother worked in the sausage factory in her home village Chinteni outside Cluj. Her father made sausages at home. Now his grandson Razvan uses the recipe for his signature dish in the Pig and Pepper bistro. Razvan’s sausages are packed with so much good flavour there is no need for mustard or horseradish. Another pork dish from Strada Ion Ratiu is roast leg of suckling pig, cooked to Segovia perfection, a delicate taste with meat that falls apart with the slightest touch of your knife. The menu has simple starters like the sublime eggplant mousse served with tomato and sea salt. There are choices to suit all tastes in this town centre haven though I suspect the name is a clue to the ones to try first. After all if you come from a family that makes sausages in a village that makes sausages your sausages have to be the best.


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