Saturday, 13 October 2012


If you are feeling under the weather maybe you have too much fluid and your blood is thick and sluggish. In  Romania traditional healing involves a remedy that has been handed down from mother to daughter over the generations. Glass jars are heated with a spirit flame and their open necks applied to the oiled skin of your back or stomach. The heated jars create a mild vacuum. The theory is that the thick blood responsible for you malaise is pulled to the surface and trapped. It thins as it is manipulated by the jar being moved across the skin and is released back into circulation when the jar is removed. All this happens in a calm and candle lit room in an atmosphere of quiet concentration. I found the experience cleansing but mildly uncomfortable at times but afterwards felt refreshed, if sleepy. A second consultation in three days’ time will see what effect there has been and what further treatments seem to be needed. It is not a technique to be used with fever, skin allergies or irritations. Traditional Chinese medicine calls this technique cupping, in Romania it is called vintuzi.




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